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Benefits of Practising Karate


Karate improves general well being and vitality whilst encouraging assertiveness and self-confidence.


Karate requires mental activation and therefore helps to improve focus and concentration.  Karate also helps with co ordination as the movements learned in the dojo encourage the student to master their own body.

Fitness & Stamina

Karate is a great cardiovascular workout and provides excellent cross training for a variety of sports. Karate also encourages perfect posture as it relies on the core stabilisation and thus strong abdominal muscles.

Self-Defence Skills

Karate is an effective martial art for self-defence as well as being an exciting dynamic sport. Karate also improves muscle strength and speed enabling you to react faster in life threatening situations.


Coming to the classes each week and seeing your progress over a period of time can be extremely rewarding. As students are graded regularly their progress is formally recognised – and students feel proud of their achievements.

Well Being

Being fit and healthy and enjoying regular exercise helps to improve ones mood and can make you feel happier.


Karate can be fun for the whole family.

Our martial arts program for kids involves instruction that teaches the basic fundamentals of Self-Defence along with building personal development in areas such as integrity, Self-Control, Confidence, Respect, Loyalty and Self-Esteem. 

Karate is a great way for your kids to get Exercise, learn to succeed, improve their Social Skills, and have Fun! Children learn to reach their full potential through our confidence building martial arts program. Caring Instructors provide expert training in a fun and safe environment to produce positive results.

Children’s Karate Classes in London

Monday & Wednesday

5pm – Beginner  & Intermediate
6pm – Brown belts & Above
Holy Innocent Church Hall
Bacon Lane (Off Roe Green)
London NW9 9AF


5pm to 6pm – Mixed Levels
One Stonegrove Community Centre
5 Hayling Way
Edgware, HA8 8BN


4.30pm to 6pm – mixed levels
Kingsgate Community Centre
Kingsgate Road
Kilburn, NW6 2JH


10.30am to 12pm – Beginners
12pm to 1.30pm – Intermediates
12.45pm to 2pm – Brown belts & above
Charteris Sports Centre
Charteris Road,
Kilburn, NW6 7ET

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