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Adult Karate Classes

On the surface it may appear that many adults practise the martial arts to learn self-defence techniques, but they are learning much more.

Karate training includes breathing, relaxation and visual drills helps to better manage stress and reduce anxiety.

From the first session, students begin to reap the benefits. The real value of Karate training is not the ability to break boards or bricks or acquire trophies, it is the ability to begin to reconize who you are. Phoenix Karate School will also help you became who you want to be: Strong, disciplined, focused and confident.


  • Fitness & Stamina – Karate is a great cardiovascular workout and provides excellent cross training for variety of sports. Karate also encourages perfect posture as it relies on core stabilisation and thus strong abdominal muscles
  • Self-defence Skills – Karate is effective art for self-defence as well as being an exiting dynamic sport. Karate also improves muscle strength and speed enabling you to react faster in life threatening situations.
  • Well being – Being fit and healthy and enjoying regular exercise helps to improve ones mood and make you feel happier.
  • Stress relief – Spirituality in the martial arts is manifested in several training methods and techniques which includes breathing and relaxation drills. According to experts, these drills may help reduce stress and anxiety. … To some degree, one can even ‘shout awayboth stress and anxiety during a punching or kicking exercise.
  • Fun – Karate can be fun for the whole family

Adult Karate Classes in London


7.30pm Mixed Levels

Holly Innocent Church Hall
Bacon Lane (Off Roe Green)
London, NW9 9AF


1pm Mixed Levels

Holly Innocent Church Hall
Bacon Lane (Off Roe Green)
London, NW9 9AF


We welcome all prospective students to attend a free trial class so they can really get an idea of what classes are like at Phoenix Karate School 

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